Daria Dolenz

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Daria Dolenz is a native-language Italian teacher. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2016, where she works to spread knowledge of the Italian language and culture (including the specific fields of Italian for tourism, business, art, and fashion).

She graduated in the historical-artistic field at Rome’s La Sapienza University with an historical-archival research thesis on Cardinal Stefano Borgia, continuing her research at the Archivium Secretum Vaticanum and the Vatican Apostolic Library.

She has obtained the DITALS I and DITALS II certifications for teaching Italian language and culture.

Additionally, she participated in a DEAL training course (developmental dyslexia and language learning) organised by Ca ‚Foscari University in Venice and an ISMU (Institute for the Study of Multi-ethnicity) training course on the topic „Italian Literacy L2 for migrant adults“ : an intercultural approach to pluri-lingual and multilevel groups „.

Daria collaborated as a teacher with the Polytechnic University of Milan, also taking part in the group of examining teachers for the entry tests relating to different class groups, and as a cultural mediator for the state high school examinations.

She has produced specialised teaching materials for a language course organised by the European „Open the Door to Europe“ project and has also participated in a series of European projects for the integration of adults and adolescents.

As a volunteer, she has worked as a teacher with the „Mir Sada“ association and the „Progetto Arca“ cooperative to train teaching staff and as a teacher for both literate and non-literate asylum seekers.

She has collaborated with schools and individuals in Italy (Milan, Lecco), England (Bath), and Germany (Berlin) to study the Italian language for business, art, tourism, scientific training, history, and literature, as well as lessons to further students‘ general knowledge of the Italian language.